IDC Consorzio completed a retrofit turnkey project by installing an Additional Marine Diesel Generator (ADG) on board of a cruise ship, in order to replace the temporary genset already on-board. The company had to conduct mechanical and electrical operations in order to outfit the ADG and its deckhouse with all the relevant equipment for autonomic operation.  The new genset is to be used as an Emergency Diesel Generator.

On-board modifications were in order to prepare for the landing of the new diesel generator and its installation. IDC removed the old generator and its foundation, conducted structural reinforcements underneath the ADG unit, displaced the previous insulation and replaced it below the new deckhouse with A60 insulation. Upon the hoisting and welding in position of the ADG, extensions on the top deck were also mounted.

In the new deckhouse, a Comfort switchboard (SB) with generator circuit breaker was installed and connected to the existing one. Fire retardant cables were rerouted and new ones were added as to properly connect the additional marine diesel generator to the existing switchboard and vice-versa. The emergency systems such as the fuel supply line, fuel overflow and tank ventilation, Hi-fog and hydrant systems were linked to the new Comfort SB.

The operation was successfully completed in 15 days, during dry dock.

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