RETROFIT & Environmental Solutions

RETROFIT & Environmental Solutions

RETROFIT & Environmental Solutions

IDC provides the following services that are necessary for the retrofit of onboard installations:

  • Onboard survey;
  • 3D scanning;
  • Analysis of requirements based on the vessel and service characteristics;
  • Possible suppliers and systems solutions determination;
  • Technical evaluation;
  • Engineering (class package, details design, production information);
  • Class society / Flag state approval;
  • Technical assistance throughout fabrication and installation.

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The turnkey ship retrofit solutions that IDC offers can be adapted to the requirements of every client.


We improve onboard efficiency for our clients by identifying faulty or outdated equipments and replacing them with more effective ones;


We determine the best installation method and position based on the available space;


We conduct 3D scanning in order to ensure minimum onboard modifications and lower installation time;


We handle Class Approval associated activities: modifications and new one-line diagrams (P&I), machinery arrangement, ventilation, cable routing, power and automation, e.a.


IDC will ensure all marine operations meet current international environmental standards and are prepared for future regulation changes.
All modern environmental innovations are researched and applied as necessary.

Exhaust Gas Scrubber Installations

We install abatement technologies that limit Sulphur oxide emissions, according to MARPOL Annex 6.

Our company has supplied comprehensive turnkey Scrubber installations projects, ranging from initial development stages to installation and commissioning.

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IDC Consorzio can grant support for Shipowners in order to ensure compliance with international environmental standards.

Our resources can be used in your best interest to provide the following services:

  • Exhaust gas cleaning;
  • Waste water treatment;
  • Oil/water separation;
  • Green vessel cleaning and maintenance;
  • Ballast water treatment;
  • Trash management;
  • Dry bulk handling and storage;
  • Cargo residues.

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