Upon completing exhaust gas scrubber installations on board of three cruise ships, IDC Consorzio prepares for the commissioning stage that will ensure proper operation of the equipment.

IDC managed the turnkey projects since the early engineering stages. The company performed 3D scanning and detail design services in order to determine the optimal placement of the open and close loop systems with alkali scrubber installations. The procurement office acquired all of the necessary resources, according to the client’s best interest and specific requirements for the project. IDC riding crews, with extensive experience in working in challenging conditions, have travelled to the location of the cruise ships and worked both onboard and in dry dock for the retrofit of the emission control equipment. The company conducted spool pipe prefabrication, pipe installation, steel works for the new tanks and installation of the scrubbers and the electrical equipment.

All the EGC equipments are prepared for flushing and pre-comissioning and commissioning phase is set to start in June for all three cruise ships.


IDC supplies turnkey projects for Exhaust Gas Scrubber installations

The MARPOL SO2 regulations are approaching the coming into force in 2020 and many ship owners have decided to install abatement technologies on board, in order to ensure emissions with a maximum of 0.1% sulphur oxide content. IDC Consorzio is a reliable contractor for the installation of Exhaust Gas Scrubbers on ships, by aiding maritime companies around the world to comply with the environmental regulations.

The company delivers fully integrated solutions that cover the entire process. Highly experienced engineers conduct detail design and 3D scanning that indicate placement for the new equipment and technical outfittings that need to be removed or replaced. Based on these studies, procurement of the required resources ensue and outfittings, such as pipes or steel structures, are manufactured, transported and prepared for installation. IDC conducts and supervises the exhaust gas scrubber installation, performs required onboard modifications and tests the newly installed equipment for proper functioning. The final commissioning stage assures that the new equipment is installed and operates according to the functional requirements of the client.

IDC Consorzio is a general contractor that specializes in engineering, shipbuilding, retrofitting solutions, repairs and maintenance for the Marine industry. The company provides consultancy, project management, operational support and highly qualified workforce for shipyards and shipowners worldwide.

We can assist your company with retrofitting outdated equipment and implementing onboard environmental solutions.